Animated Sketchbook 1: Re Mi Do Do So

This is just an extremely rough quick series of sketches on the theme of communication failure, all animated in an old-style way. I can animate everything a lot smoother than this, obviously, but time’s an issue these days and it was good enough for now to nail down the main idea, even if it ended up jerky-looking (which, in any case, I kind of like). Besides the fact that I’ve been wanting a lot to get back to animation, I’m also setting myself little challenges that I hope will help me shake the rust off my drawing abilities. The main challenge on this one was to figure out how to depict the hand signals, hands being kind of a trouble area, on occasion. I cheated a little bit, because I think the “re” and “mi” positions ought to be a little more edge-on. And between the two “do” positions I guess I could have shown the hand opening for a moment, making a space between the two notes, but I dropped the hand instead (the second one is an octave lower). Still, whether it works or not, it feels like actually drawing brand new drawings every day might start happening soon, despite the mountains of paperwork piling up in my tiny studio. So successfully knocking down a challenge is less the point than just putting pen to tablet on a little bit more regular schedule.

By the way, the timing in this piece is a little off from how it’s supposed to work. I mean, the timing works exactly as planned here on my machine, so maybe it’s just that we stream everything down an antebellum clay pipe that has to go over lots of hills and dales before it reaches our neck of the hinterlands. So if you can find my studio (and good luck with that) you can see it fresh from out of the program I drew it in, with the actions and the pauses all happening when they’re supposed to happen. Although the end result is still jerky, which, again, I don’t mind so much. Here it is without having to get it from YouTube.

Anyhow, The Jesus & Mary Chain are on the Pandora, despite this being pretty far into the 21st Century and not late in the 20th, which feels like how long it’s been since I made a drawing move, although it’s not really been that long.

And, as you probably know already, the original idea one came from here:

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