Keep Shelly in Athens

Spent the day making an Excel spreadsheet of four years of water bills while listening to this song by Keep Shelly in Athens about a million times, due to it now being my favorite song. Also learned some stuff for some new work (you’ll see, eventually, when the water bill project is done, which is not an art project but a plumbing project, although we hope not). Also had a big glass of tea and then a big glass of soda. And that’s it. See? This is why I’m not on facebook anymore, although that’s also due to the plain old distraction of it, and the fact that “facebook surveillance” is now an actual unquestioned phrase in the language. Anyway, seriously, the song. I mean, I can’t keep Pandora on my Mekons station all day every day. Especially since yesterday, when during a lot of non-stop vintage punk, they kept showing Fox News ads in that little box in the corner. Awful waste of a little box. And infuriating. But also funny. The soulless grinning visage of the newspuppet in the little box vs. “Ghosts of American Astronauts.” Still, I preferred it when playing the Ramones indicated to Pandora that you were a likely customer for discount prescriptions and orthopedic shoes. That was funnier than the Fox ad juxtaposition, which was more like getting poison ivy in the brain.

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