Hydrant Zine


A doodle of an idea I had back when I started grad school, but which got shifted over to the back burner pretty early on, because that’s what happens. The official Side Project Number for this particular imaginary zine is #9, which puts it on the runway right behind a book about a game called “Landing Site” and just before a book & tabletop sculpture project about codes and ciphers and dead letter boxes.

Of course, there are days when we’re like, “Let’s start a cosplay supply business!” Which I guess would involve us making different kinds of hats and other accoutrements, such as complicated compasses and telescopes and multi-spectral eyeglasses. And lots of blank books, of course, because every heroine and hero and steampunk explorer needs to keep a journal. Otherwise how would graphic novelists know the whole story of the stories they want to tell? Meanwhile, on other days we’re like, “Let’s start a bakery!” Which I guess would involve us making banana bread and cookies all night while we listen to Mazzy Star (me) and Wilco (B.). Maybe we could specialize in those memory-provoking tea cakes that look like scallops. Either way, they both sound like good backup plans.

Until then, back to work on Plan A.

Oh, and Plan C, if you’re curious, is McWinkler’s Internet Activity, an online literary journal full of cartoons about animals with ennui and longish blog posts about barbershops and beauty salons. The first issue will feature metafiction by Beatrix Hummel, flash fiction by Lex Frobe, hint fiction by F.X. Ott, and an unsolvable puzzle from our puzzle editor, Pinto Queequeg. Plus the first chapter of Dexter Mingus’s new novel, Irksome Tuna. But only if Plans A and B1 and B2 don’t pan out.

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