And yet it moves . . .


A quick and dirty animation for a presentation I have to give tomorrow, which isn’t about Galileo, except that I’ll mention him as one of my big heroes, because of how he looked at the sky and saw things there no one else had ever bothered to see. I especially like his scratchy little starfish stars, which aren’t really stars, of course, but are instead various moons of Jupiter, which I have seen myself through a sort of crooked old telescope I got from my late Uncle and also through one of the telescopes in Flagstaff. Plus a bunch of other times and places, whenever I wasn’t looking at our own Moon’s oceans and seas, or at the bloated orange mite of Mars.

I based the whole thing on the sketches in Galileo’s 1610 notebook, which I found an image of here. I just wanted to see the moons dance around for real, using his drawings of their motions. If and when there’s ever time, I ought practice doing this kind of thing a ton more. Maybe several tons more, actually. If and when.

Galileo Galilei, Observations of Jupiter, 1610

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