ArtWalk Poster: No Ideas


I’ve said about a hundred million times before that “this is the last free one,” but this really is officially the last free one. Because by now I’ve paid and paid and overpaid my dues so much that it’s way more than enough already. Plus, just in practical terms, at some point soon I have to start doing jobs that’ll help pay off the enormously expensive machine I’m doing this last free one on. And, you know, a vacation would be nice, especially after the winter I’ve been having (don’t ask). And you have to pay for vacations, apparently. Anyway, Real Life ought to always be about getting artwork done, so I’m finally at long last going to start doing that today. As soon as I have an idea for what to stick in this blank white box of nothing. Which I’m posting, by the way, because my students need to know that things tend to start like this, that you have to look at and see and imagine how to fill a space, and that you have to then go and do what it takes to fill it, and that art is actual hard work, and that you will often fail, and that not failing doesn’t mean you did something perfect, but that the little successes might have, for once, made a slightly larger pile than all the little shortcomings. Let’s see if that happens this time. It’s been about 90 billion years since I drew anything more than a few random doodles (mostly of cosmonauts and robots and weird animals). And this expensive machine is still kind of full of bells and whistles I’m not wholly up to speed on yet. But that won’t last . . . I hope.

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