Mail Art: Optional Cat


Long story short: I once made a quick-and-dirty eraser stamp of a cat during a demo, then pretty much forgot about the cat stamp for a long time. Then one day last summer I was doing another demo and happened to grab the cat stamp from out of the pile in my stamp box, just to show some decorative possibilities for the cover of an exchange portfolio. I don’t remember saying it was an “optional cat,” but apparently I did say it, and so now that’s become a thing, I guess. All I know for sure is, the cat stamp disappeared from out of the stamp box after class, but then a few weeks later the image of it turned up on a postcard in my mailbox, and then on another one, and yesterday on a third one from who-knows-who. Which, of course, is awesome. And now I want to get back to doing mail art, which I haven’t done in about a jillion years. Because I swear postcards arriving at random intervals all covered with drawings and whatnot is tons better than Prozac, plus also somewhat cheaper and not so loaded with side effects.




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