Workshop: Pocket Notebooks


So this is kind of what I’m working on today, along with all of the hundred other tasks I’m supposed to be working on. Just a ton of different shapes and sizes of simple little notebooks, to show a range of possibilities when I teach a class about this in a couple of weeks. Some are done with nice paper, some are cobbled together from upcycled bits and pieces, some have collaged elements, some are going to get stamped all over with various rubber stamps. Some are sewn, some are stapled. Fun stuff, basically, for folks who have never made any sort of a book before. The whole basic idea is from Anne Lamott’s index card idea in Bird by Bird, that you should always have pen and paper handy to catch whatever stray thoughts come along, as part of the whole process of constantly living, breathing, and thinking about writing. Which is how I need to be about drawing, starting (I hope, at long last) today. If I can also somehow stop worrying so much about the dumb old loud truck that keeps lumbering up and down and up and down the street. I mean, there’s always some kind of distraction or excuse to procrastinate. If it’s not the truck it’s the gutters that need cleaning or the files that need to get filed better or the broken things that need to get repaired. Or it’s the crow in the yard that keeps yelling at other crows, thus keeping you from having the epiphany that you were planning to have today. I guess the trick is to just decide not to be distracted. A hard trick, maybe, but also likely a simpler one than you think. Just decide to do your work no matter what and then do it. So enjoy yourselves, crows and trucks, I’m too busy to bother about you today.

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