Handout: Notebook Model







Just a little thing I’m working on instead of drawing or filing and putting new knobs on old doors. But, you know, there’s no real reason why an art teacher’s handouts ought to look like they were done by a non-artist, right? So I’m trying to do a decent job on that part, at least. Plus, some old-timey zine equipment arrived today from eBay, so maybe having a template set up now for zines and comix will lead to me actually making brand new stuff for the first time since the last century. We’ll see. Sort of been gut-punched a bunch of times by Life lately, so it might be a while before I can get back up off the floor. Plus, as always, there’s a ton of other stuff to finish first. Everything really does happen so much.

The bonus image is an old sketch that came back via the mail today. I thought it was gone forever. Posting it as a reminder to redo it sometime. The proportions aren’t right, for one thing, and I bet I got half the info wrong. Wrong info being my thing and all.

Seriously, though, there are days I wish making handouts and diagrams for book arts topics was my actual real full-time job. Not that there’s not a whole lot more to learn about how to do it well, because that’s always true of everything (and with more charm, eventually, even at the cost of precision).

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