Postcards & Workshop Thoughts


Just trying out my new sticker machine and laminator, which I need to start using soon, due to various Big Plans. Next step: mail these postcards to see how they perform on the road. Next step after that: make more postcards and send them to other human-style persons. Because postcards is what I want to do from now on instead of Facebook. Although, of course, I think you have to do at least a thousand of these before you get good at it. I did maybe a couple hundred a long time ago. But lately I’ve only done two, both of which I wish I could redo, but won’t, because moving on is the policy for 2014.

Anyway, I don’t know what my students thought, but I thought my workshop went really well. Which I needed it to do after a long stretch of backward motion, artistically (don’t ask; just go see a lot of Tor Johnson films in a row while drinking old Mr. Pibb and also having flu of the soul the whole time, that’ll make you feel roughly the same). Anyway, I had a plan and prepped like hell for it and then was able to deploy everything like how I wanted to. Maybe I’m actually learning how to do this, is the thought that for the first time tentatively peeked into the keyhole. It helped having a great experience at Penland, but, you know, some of the in-between classes since then were kind of bumpy rides, here and there. Which is normal, I suppose. Teachers have to learn how to teach, somehow.

One of the huge things I learned was: always, always bring the sticker machine and the box of rubber stamps. Because once everyone had sewn their two notebooks, they were then free to decorate the heck out of the covers, and if you’ve ever seen people react to the miracle of self-made stickers, then you know that’s a joy unlike nearly any other.

And now, back to work. Prepping a stab binding workshop next. And maybe for once making some of my own stuff, or so I hope.

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