Demo Notebooks


Various leftover demo notebooks, all either stapled or sewn with a single pamphlet stitch. A couple have laminated coloring book covers, just as an experiment. Kind of worked, kind of didn’t, so more experimenting needs to happen. One problem is, in case you haven’t looked at any lately, modern coloring books are godawful. Like, truly, profoundly not as inspiring as you might want. Plus I got off-brand crayons and you can’t do that, because the cheap kind are usually almost entirely wax with only the barest smidgen of pigment. Oh, and the spam comments have started happening again, so if I delete any actual human comments, sorry, but it’s hard to pick out the legit ones from the blizzard of mostly non-legit ones. Lately they’re all offers to learn secret info on surprising herbal gaming tricks “they” don’t want you to know about.

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  1. bkc says:

    I love these.

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