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Old World

Anyway, so here’s the other half of that so-called ‘zine-like project I was talking about. And, yeah, I know I already posted one of these pages, but now it’s in context, assuming that matters at all, considering the shape the … Continue reading

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New World

So I guess this is pretty much the layout for the so-called book I guess I’m working on, in-between other tasks and chores and whatnot. Although, I ought to mention, this thing, it’s not exactly a real book, instead it’s … Continue reading

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Forgot this one last night, not that it’s hugely important or anything. Mainly it’s just another page from the mystery project, which is the official name for now ’cause it turns out I’m half clueless how to proceed, although a … Continue reading

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Random Animals

Just a bunch of random sketchy junk today, all of which is sort of for an assignment, if I can ever figure out what the heck I’m doing. Anyway, the main thing I’ve gotta re-learn really soon is how to … Continue reading

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