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Scrapbook: gomme plastique no.1

gomme plastique no.1: reading order PDF gomme plastique no.1: imposed for print PDF

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Mystery Play Program

Mystery Play Program: Reading Order PDF Mystery Play Program: Imposed for Print PDF

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Practicing the One-sheet Book

Practice One-sheet Book (layered PDF)

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awk: a zine, 9.1.17

awk: a zine, 9.1.17 – screen-reader PDF awk: a zine, 9.1.17 – imposed PDF

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Bonus Info: Boustrophedon Books

I think my Saturday workshop went all right. I think, at least, that everyone survived the origami book project, which I know was a challenge to do right off the bat, although I hope it was a fun one. I … Continue reading

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Bulletin Boards

These are pictures of probably the most successful artworks I’ve ever made. Plus they’re pretty handy to have, historically, because I already don’t remember doing most of these tasks. At least they make it seem like I was busy the … Continue reading

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‘Quad’ Book

Again, the low-fi pictures are 98% my fault, because any camera more complicated than a cigar box with a hole in it is apparently too much camera for me. But it’s also somewhat the fault of the prints…which I can’t … Continue reading

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Sketchbook: 9.22.11

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