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“How to Operate a Book”

In the midst of reading sermons by tech evangelists quoting various “visionaries” and “thought leaders,” all of which is the kind of carnival barking that’s starting to lead my thoughts toward a raid on the fridge, I ran across this … Continue reading

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Newer Job Ad

Domestic Surveillance Associate Federal [REDACTED] for Strategic [REDACTED], [REDACTED], Virginia These days, it seems like everybody’s spying on everybody else! Google does it, Facebook does it, even poor old Yahoo! still manages to do it, somehow! And you better believe … Continue reading

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New Job Ads

Junior Graphic Artist National DynaNozzle, Trout Mountain, GA Do you like to draw? Do you like secrets? Would you like to draw pictures of top secret types of missiles and jet planes? Would you like to work in a cubicle … Continue reading

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Nonsense, 01.21.10 (Liam and Rita)

For B…hope it amuses you… The first time Liam saw Rita, he thought she looked exactly like a fishing cat that had been crossed with a hermit ibis that had been crossed with a medusa snail. He thought her faux-pangolin … Continue reading

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Nonsense, 01.20.10

The Haunted Barbershop A fragment of an experimental novel produced entirely by an IBIS Delphi-7 mainframe using Scrawler software written by Gilbert F. Pauley and Avram Herzog, Jr. According to Mr. Herzog, “Gil and I had both always wanted to … Continue reading

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