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Flavio Morais at galerie t

Flavio Morais, who is one of my most favorite artists on the whole planet of the Earth (and also pretty much in the rest of the Universe), is having a show at galerie t in Düsseldorf, so if you’re in … Continue reading

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Bonus Info: Paper Prep

In most kinds of books, the grain direction of every element (binder’s board, book cloth, text paper, etc.) should be parallel to the spine. This post has some extra information in it for anyone who took my “Intro to Bookbinding” … Continue reading

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List 08.23.09

1. Richard Powers’ cover for the 1957 Ballantine paperback of James Blish’s The Frozen Year 2. the Vaughn Andrews/John Dorn cover for the 1985 HBJ paperback edition of Stanislaw Lem’s The Star Diaries 3. Rockwell Kent’s illustrations for the 1930 … Continue reading

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