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eBook Cover: ‘The Red Wilderness’

The font’s not my work, but is instead Bellon Square, which I got from a CD of similar fonts that was in the back of the book Typography for the People, which is one of the world’s most awesome books … Continue reading

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Fancy Monsters – New Cover

A new cover for the Kindle eBook of anaglyph experiments that you can download for free from here. The old cover was a very quick and awful cover. The new one was quick, too, but is a bit less awful.

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My status today is: overwhelmed already, even though school’s hardly even started yet. But, whatever. I could be back in my old cubicle, building databases and running queries and moving taxpayer money around in a sort of listless fashion from … Continue reading

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Random Book Note: “The Fourteenth Voyage”

Way back when I was sixteen or so and first found out who Stanisław Lem was, I should have made a lifelong resolution then to read the account in The Star Diaries of Ijon Tichy’s trip to Enteropia at least … Continue reading

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