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Animated ‘Jumble’

A 3″ x 3″ miniature book from 2011. Printed in 7 runs over the course of 3 weeks on a Vandercook SP15, this 4-folio, 16-page book is too small to contain all of the text it struggles to contain. Which … Continue reading

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Lettering Practice (Happy Birthday B!)

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Postcard: “Time Portal”

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Postcard: “Engine Noise”

Still up to my neck with stuff to do, which is good, but that’s why I’m still not drawing new stuff yet, although that’s at the top of the list that I’ll start on after this other list is done. … Continue reading

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Postcards from Last Year

…which wasn’t quite as eventful a year as The Year in Baltar’s Hair, but was nonetheless a similar type of longish stretch that went by weirdly fast. Anyway, the first two images are two versions of a postcard I made … Continue reading

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2011 Farmers’ Market Poster

I guess I’ve done a fair amount of posters and stuff over the last 4000 years (and hope to do lots more), but this is the first actual letterpress poster I’ve done in, like, well…an extra-long time. I need a … Continue reading

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I’m posting these two super old linocuts plus one even older drawing and a really extremely old spec sheet for an imaginary font to remind myself I have a similar type of job to do as soon as humanly possible, … Continue reading

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This Week’s Favorite Book

Of all the artists’ books I’ve ever seen or held, this one (the top one) by Sara Owen has to be one of my all-time most favorite ones. I don’t know Sara at all, but she’s a graduate of the … Continue reading

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IF – Equipment

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Inking a Block

I guess I should explain the worry lines: I love (and miss) working on prints but meanwhile do not very much love the swift passage of time. Also I had a headache while I was drawing this but now it’s … Continue reading

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Imaginary Album Cover – The Secret Vices

An imaginary record cover for The Secret Vices, a thrash-bluegrass outfit from Akron, OH (I have to be pretty specific ’cause I think there are at least fourteen other bands with pretty much the same exact name). Mostly they do … Continue reading

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Various New Houses

Here are some more of those folding house-like things. The first one’s called Radio House and the second one’s called Henry’s House. And that’s it for today, I guess.

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So these are some pretty fuzzy pictures of some of my project, which I’ve got like 1 more week to work on. Fortunately my degree, if I get it, won’t be in photography, ’cause no one should ever give me … Continue reading

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Kind of extremely busy all of a sudden, but I did sort of manage to get around to cutting some lino, for whatever it’s worth. Anyway, I guess this is a really crummy proof, but you can sort of see … Continue reading

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Unreadable Book

Yet more pictures from the mysterious book-like thing I’m sort of working on in mock-up form before I commit to actually ruining some nice blank lino blocks. And, yeah, I know, on the real thing, the title won’t be on … Continue reading

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