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Robot Postcard

I realize now I should try for a degree in sticker art next. Is there a MacArthur category for that? Gotta go check. Anyway, whatever works in my eternal quest to monetize scraps. Plus I guess I could make Halloween … Continue reading

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Postcards & Workshop Thoughts

Just trying out my new sticker machine and laminator, which I need to start using soon, due to various Big Plans. Next step: mail these postcards to see how they perform on the road. Next step after that: make more … Continue reading

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Mail Art: Picture of “Signal-Hump-Lady”

received October, 1998 This isn’t my work. Instead it’s a piece of mail art I got in the actual old-timey mail a bunch of years ago. Ever since it first showed up, it’s been pinned to various bulletin boards above … Continue reading

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Mail Art: Optional Cat

Long story short: I once made a quick-and-dirty eraser stamp of a cat during a demo, then pretty much forgot about the cat stamp for a long time. Then one day last summer I was doing another demo and happened … Continue reading

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Imaginary Postcard: Doodle Chart

This is kind of a placeholder image until I can get around to posting trip pictures. And, yeah, I think I can telepathically detect that your main question about the image is, what the heck is it? Well, it’s one … Continue reading

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Work Book

The ‘Odd Job’ project became ‘Work Book’ as I was working on it. Basically, the whole thing is a set of 24 boxed postcards that together contain a list of jobs people in my family have had down the years. … Continue reading

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