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Workshop Handout: One-sheet Notebook

Workshop Handout: Two-sided One-sheet Notebook with Alternate Covers (layered PDF)

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Preliminary Study 1: “Memo Book”

Preliminary Study: Grayscale (PDF) Preliminary Study: Paper Color (PDF) Preliminary Study: Printable / Imposed (PDF)

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Animated ‘Jumble’

A 3″ x 3″ miniature book from 2011. Printed in 7 runs over the course of 3 weeks on a Vandercook SP15, this 4-folio, 16-page book is too small to contain all of the text it struggles to contain. Which … Continue reading

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Lost ‘Notebook’

Sad little lost artist’s book. So, I mailed off one of the last few copies of an artist’s book it took me a million years to make, and it ended up getting delivered to somewhere in the hinterlands of Limbo. … Continue reading

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Because of Germs

A drawing my Uncle did back in the Fifties. Love the see-through arms.

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Demo Notebooks

Various leftover demo notebooks, all either stapled or sewn with a single pamphlet stitch. A couple have laminated coloring book covers, just as an experiment. Kind of worked, kind of didn’t, so more experimenting needs to happen. One problem is, … Continue reading

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Model Books

Almost done, except I have to correct a typo on the other handout before I can copy it. But at least it won’t be 30+ copies of a model notebook. Just plain old regular handouts from here on out.

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Bonus Info: Sewing

Working with a punching cradle: use scrap card stock to soften the impact of the awl, line up your folios against the fence at the end of the cradle, punch straight down, make small holes. To sew a simple pamphlet, … Continue reading

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Bonus Info: Pamphlet Prep

This is Part 1 of the next-to-last post in this mini-series about the “Intro to Bookbinding” class we had on July 27th. I’ll do a write-up about tools next and then it’s on to other long-delayed work for a while. … Continue reading

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