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GIF Practice: Art Fossil from ‘Planeta Bur’ (1962)

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Flavio Morais at galerie t

Flavio Morais, who is one of my most favorite artists on the whole planet of the Earth (and also pretty much in the rest of the Universe), is having a show at galerie t in Düsseldorf, so if you’re in … Continue reading

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Cone Designs

Sketches of some of brand new ideas for the international design firm, TORP. Basically, after many decades of thought, the plan I’ve at long last figured out is, this is how I’ll make my fortune. Then I’ll waste my fortune … Continue reading

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After talking it over with my art teacher, I fixed the Radio House piece so that it now has antennas…or antennae, I guess, or however you wanna spell it. In any case, they’re made out of macrame beads, which just … Continue reading

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